HonorePay.com is designed for schools using Renweb School Management System to effectively manage their accounting and to accommodate ease of payment of fees and contributions from families and donors.  The system also seamlessly integrates with Epicor ERP, a financial system that will manage all receivables, payables, cash management and General Ledger.

Benefits to the School:

The HonorePay.com portal integration with both Renweb and Epicor seamlessly will allow the following benefits to the schools and families:

  •  Real-time information of  receivables i.e. List of students/families who owe fees

  • The ability to auto generate statements to families on a periodic basis

  • The ability to track payments online real-time and to update payments to student accounts

  •  The ability to generate fees via different groups; Grade level, class, activities, status, etc.

  •  The ability to reconcile payments against outstanding fees

  •  Schools bank account to be updated  between 1 and 3 days as per banking regulations

  •  Real time financial and management reporting

  •  Dashboard of key information required by management team.

  •  The omission of duplicate entries:

a. Epicor customer accounts will be synchronized with Renweb students

b. Fees created on portal will be updated to Epicor

c. Fees paid by families will be updated to Epicor

d. Automatic bank reconciliation based on student ID/Reference Code/Date and Amount

· Provide schools with on-time reporting to ministry, improve efficiency in reporting, ability to prepare accurate and on-time budget and audited financial reporting to the regulatory bodies.

BENEFITS to Families

  •  Registration with Honorepay.com will authenticate against email address or mobile number captured in Renweb.

  •  Single reference code for all payments

  •  Will receive invoice via email or Text Messaging once created and posted by Bursary Department

  •  Enhance communication with schools and parents as to their finance.

  •  The ability to view all outstanding fees for each child on one portal, regardless of Renweb School

  •  The ability to  select outstanding fees and pay by any method; 

  •  Multiple payment methods – Credit Card, Bank Account EFT/ACH and Cash

PATH Administrators linked to the Renweb student account will also be able to view students’ fees and balances