Our Partnership with RenWeb

Zed Jamaica is a high-powered interactive creative agency specializing in Web, Multimedia, Film and Video Production for Jamaica the Caribbean and beyond. Makeyla Technologies is the sister company of Zed focusing on application development with a specialty in the programming and implementation of accounting systems and other related solutions.

Zed-Makeyla are partners of Wilcomp Software L.P developers of our RenWeb School Management Software System (RenWeb SMS). Zed-Makeyla are the authorized partner for RenWeb SMS, and have an exclusive licence to market, sell, configure/implement, train, document and support the RenWeb School Management Systems (RSMS) in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Zed-Makeyla and RenWeb provide services no one else does, beginning with data conversion, software installation and setup. Schools using our RenWeb SMS (and, by extension, the Ministry of Education) will never need to purchase additional modules or upgrades.  Zed-Makeyla not only provide our schools with the best in an integrated software solution, but over a period of eight (8) years we have also built a special relationship with all our Schools. 

 Zed-Makeyla commit to working with our Schools to ensure that all deliverables are consistent with our mutual expectations. We ensure that all of our Schools have state of the art network system with the capacity to power our solutions.

Advantages of our Technologies :

  • Web based that can be accessed on the School’s or Ministry’s dashboard or on any computer or smart phone anywhere where there is an Internet access.

  • Teachers can score attendance using any smart device anywhere there is internet access. The school administrators or the Ministry can access that data in real time.

  • System maintenance programme can automatically be set to release text messages and\or emails to parents, school administrators/guidance counselor, athletes and coaches as soon a student fails to attend school and\or class.

  • Schools that have homeroom attendances as well as other class attendance can have the benefit of using our system to log all attendance.

  • Other information on students can also be accessed such as progress report, behaviour report, health, religion, student’s accounts and attendance just to name a few.

  • System can compile reports, graphs and pie charts.

  • Part of an integrated system that meets the needs of school administrators, the Ministry of Education, Parents and even the Security Forces if enabled.

  • Student identification card can be incorporated with photo and bar codes.

  • An integrated learning system.

  • Integrated Library System

  • Integrated Accounting System, tracks revenues including tuition fees, etc

  • Ability to customize any report.

  • Integration of the Ministry of Education Census Report.

  • Integration of PATH

Unmatched Benefits :

  • The selection of RenWeb will offer unmatched power, convenience and service to your schools’ administration, staff and students:

  • Complete installation including Data Conversion – RenWeb will be ready to use from Day One.

  • No Need to Purchase Upgrades … EVER – your school will always get our newest and best features free.

  • Total Integration – your data needs to be input only once.

  • Complete School Management Tools including comprehensive student and family information management, over a 140 pre-defined reports and Create-A-Report capabilities, admissions, enrollment, scheduling, student billing, online payment processing, course and class information management, health management, lunchroom management, library.

  • Management, report cards, transcripts and much more … all saving time and money for office staff in a paperless environment.

  • User-Friendly Classroom Tools including attendance, grade book and lesson plans … all accessible for teachers anytime from anywhere.

  • World-Class Communications Tools including Student and or Parent Web and feature-rich automated email and text messaging that promote greater communication between home and school, increased parental involvement, teacher efficiency and improved student performance.

  • Comprehensive Security, Password Protection and Daily Backups.

  • Service and Support that set the standard for the industry.

  • RenWeb Lifetime Training Pass and - Provides open seat access to all online training classes on an ongoing basis so they can be taken now and retaken by new members of the school as needed.

  • RenWeb University- Provides access to training material including videos and other content

  • RenWeb Support Chat-allows quick response to questions and support issues

Demonstration of the RenWeb SMS to the Former Minister of Education, Rev. Ronald Thwaites. 

The RenWeb SMS has been in use for over Fifteen (15) years in over four thousand (4,000) schools in over forty (40) countries. When it was first demonstrated in Jamaica, it was immediately touted as the most comprehensive school management system ever viewed locally. The RenWeb SMS was successfully demonstrated to various education affiliated organisations (including the Jamaica Teachers Association), principals (including the Association of Principals& Vice-Principals) and the Ministry of Education (including then Minister, The Honourable Andrew Holness, present Minister, Reverend The Honourable Ronald Thwaites, the Permanent Secretary Mrs. Elaine Foster-Allen, the Chief Education Officer Mrs. Grace Mclean, the former Director of Information Technology Mr. Debon Panton and the Ministry’s IT Steering Committee). In addition we have also demonstrated the RenWeb SMS to The Ministry of Education of Barbados and to the President of the Trinidad & Tobago Unified Teachers Association.

However, most satisfying are the several successful demonstrations to School Stakeholders and Communities, resulting in the implementation of the RenWeb SMS in a variety of schools across the Island and in the Caribbean.

Signing of agreement to implement the RenWeb School Management System at Jamaica College, April 2010

RenWeb Schools in Jamaica and the Caribbean  

Primary and Prep Schools

1.     Creative Kids Learning Academy

2.     Clan Carthy Primary

3.     Excelsior Primary School

4.     Holy Childhood Prep

5. Loving Care Christian Academy

6.     Mount Alvernia Prep

8.     St. Theresa Prep

9.     Stella Maris Prep

10.  Wolmer’s Prep

11.  Belair Schools-Prep

12.  Southborough Primary

13.  Portsmouth Primary

14.  Portmore Missionary Prep School


Secondary Schools

1. Alpha Academy

2. Ardenne High School

3. Belair Schools- High

4. Bishop Gibson High

5. Calabar High

6. Campion College

7. Claude McKay High School

8. Cornwall College

9. Eltham High School

10. Holland High School

11. Holy Childhood High

12. Holy Trinity High

13. Immaculate Conception

14. Gaynstead High

15. Jamaica College


1.     Bellefield

2.     Devon All Age

3.     Christiana Leased

4.     Villa Road

5.     Pondside

6.     Mt Zion

7.     Brownsville

8.     Granville

9.     Rio Bueno

10.  Walkerswood

11.  Buff Bay

12.  Port Antonio

13.  Homestead

14.  Four Path

16. Jose Marti Technical High

Tertiary Schools

  1. Bethlehem Moravian College

  2. International University of the Caribbean-30 schools across the Island


  1. Agape Christian Schools - Bahamas

  2. Caribbean International Academy - St. Maarten

  3. Cayman Academy - Cayman Islands

  4. Grace Christian Academy - Cayman Islands

  5. Sunland Baptist- Bahamas

17. Kingston College

18. Merl Grove High

19. Montego Bay High

20. Mount Alvernia High

21. Mount Saint Joseph Catholic High School

22. Munroe College

23. Norman Manley High School

24. Quality Academics

25. Spanish Town High-

26. St. Elizabeth Technical High

27. St. Georges College

28. St. Hildas High

29. St. Hugh’s High

30. Tarrant High School

31. Wolmer’s Boys

32. Wolmer’s Girls

33. Old Harbour High

34. Mona High School

35. Papine High School

36. Penwood High School

37. Donald Quarrie High

38. Petersfield High School

39. Maggotty High School

40. Tacius Golding High

41. Tivoli High

42. Spanish Town High School

43. Kingston High School

44. Vauxhall High

45. Clan Carthy High


Signing of agreement with Campion College -  2008

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